Profactor is an Austrian non-university research centre, developing production technologies such as robotics, machine vision, augmented reality and processes for functional surfaces. In the field of machine vision Profactor is developing inline inspection systems for carbon fibre composite materials, pre-forms and parts, which will be a main contribution to the project. Furthermore Profactor is developing inkjet-printing methods and nano-imprint lithography for the functionalization of different surface substrates.

Role in the project

Profactor will develop the draping process for natural fibres, with a particular focus onquality control. Profactor has previously developed sensors for measurement of fibre orientation and ply positions of carbon fibre fabric.These sensors will be substantially enhanced to work on natural fibres. The main issue will be the reflectance properties, which differ substantially from carbon fibre. Profactor will also provide the robotic workcell for draping. As a second contribution Profactor will develop the process for manufacturing of the integrated load sensors. This process will be based on nano-imprint lithography and inkjet printing. In parallel, the role of Profactor FON group focuses on advancing the integration of optical waveguides as load sensors through the use of novel bio-based materials and an imprint process. Leading the fabrication of an unprecedented ultra-long nanoimprint stamp, we will investigate and pioneer nanoimprinting on large, non-flat, textile-based substrates. Our extensive expertise in nanoimprint lithography, coupled with a background in optical applications, waveguides, and sensor technologies, drives these developments within BioStruct.


Im Stadtgut D1, Steyr Gleink 4407, Austria