CIDETEC is a private applied research organisation founded in 1997. Located in the Donostia (Spain), CIDETEC integrates three technological institutes: CIDETEC Energy Storage, CIDETEC Nanomedicine and CIDETEC Surface Engineering. Surface Engineering is specialist in providing surface solutions throughout the entire value chain for the automotive, aerospace, and other sectors. More precisely, the Polymers & Composites Unit is specialized in the synthesis and functionalization of polymers as well as in the compounding of thermoplastics and rubber and in the preparation of recyclable thermoset resins and composites based on dynamic chemistry. These works lead to innovation, as demonstrated in 2013 by the development of a disruptive patented self-healing PUs.

Role in the project

CIDETEC will develop a structural bio-based epoxy adhesive and a bonding process based on their 3R (recyclable, repairable and reprocessable) technology. The use of reversible disulfide cross-links for curing the bio-based epoxy resin will confer to the adhesive the ability of being debondable on-command and reassembled later on. CIDETEC will work on the study and optimization of the best 3R bio-based adhesive formulation by combining NOMAs bio-based epoxy resins with the dynamic hardeners. CIDETEC will further study, optimize and characterize an industrial bonding process for the bio-based and debondable adhesive developed in WP3 with NOMA and apply these results to the parts of the boat-building use case. Finally, the circularity and recycling aspects of the developed parts and materials will be analysed at a conceptual level.


Parque tecnologico de Miramon, San Sebastian 20014, Spain