Noma Resins is an epoxy resins manufacturer for the construction of high performance, lightweight structures a.o. for the marine, automotive and building industry. Noma Resins has based their business on interactive customer service, and extensive research and development, to create easily processed, cost effective products. Noma Resins also manufactures composite elements and produce composites mainly in hot pressing technology. The company’s specialization are structures based on recycled glass and carbon fibre, polyester and epoxy resins. This enables the company both to solve the problem of waste management and reduce the burden of the composite industry on the environment.

Role in the project

NOMA will focus on the development of bio-based epoxy resin as the matrix for demonstrators. The company will modify their bio based resin from the point of view of fabrication method dedicated for manufacturing of project demonstrators. Modifications will be carried out in order to enhance affinity to bio-based fillers and reinforcement.

NOMA will also develop epoxy bio-based adhesives. Based on currently produced adhesives by NOMA, a new bio matrix will be developed in order to achieve consistent properties along with bio-based construction resin and bio-based reinforcement. NOMA will also deliver bio-based epoxy resin for the tests in combination with CIDETECs 3R bio-based adhesive formulation.


Bojkowska 35A, 44100 Gliwice, Poland