IDEKO is a research centre that is a member of BRTA, specializing in Advanced Manufacturing with a specific focus on precision machines and processes, as well as Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing. The R&D activities are aimed at providing innovative solutions that enhance the competitiveness of the industry. IDEKO is responsible for the design and development of high-performance products, including prototypes, structures, mechanisms, and high-dynamic components in machine tools, all developed with the goal of achieving ultra-precision finishes.

Role in the project

IDEKO will perform 3D measurements to assist in the development of material models. The primary technology employed will be 3D absolute scanning, using the laser triangulation principle to generate a dense cloud of points. The second technology involves 3D scanning through photogrammetry, enabling fast measurement of all the details of the shape, including inner and hard-to-reach surfaces.The 3D scanning of the part will be critical input for achieving an accurate material modelling process. These inputs play a crucial role in creating a detailed virtual representation of the part, subsequently updating CAD models. Additionally, 3D measurement technologies will be synergized with robotic draping and grippers to obtain precise models, thereby enhancing the accuracy of the draping process.


Calle Arriaga 2, Elgoibar 20870, Spain