Lumoscribe Ltd, established in Cyprus in May 2018, is an innovative SMEspecializing in the development of custom-made optical components for sensing applications and lasers using optical fibers. LUMO’s core expertise lies in the design, manufacture, characterization, and testing of photonics optical sensors. The company’s team consists of business-oriented and engineering professionals dedicated to advancing optical technology.

Role in the project

 Lumoscribe will have  tasks during the project. First the development of bio-based load sensors using femtosecond laser inscription and Bragg grating-based sensors on waveguides will be done. Then the sensor characterization will be performed by analyzing for near-infrared wavelengths, considering grating strength, bandwidth, and peak intensity.

– System architecture: The temperature cross-sensitivity and data processing issues for a lightweight (<2kg), real-time sensing solution will also be adressed.

– Provide an update on integrating bio-based load sensors on sample parts, evaluating signal quality and accuracy.


Ginnaki Lazarou 7,Paphos 8881, Cyprus