Bladeworks srl has been established in 2016 as wind blade manufacturer based in Italy and has developed a unique process called One Shot Blade. This technology allows to manufacture a wind blade with a single-piece structure without bonding. Bladeworks team of close associates, technicians and skilled employees, works together for the optimization of the manufacturing technology of wind blades. Since 2019 Bladeworks srl has integrated a test bench and in 2023 its facility was evaluated by IEC-RE assessors for the accreditation as Customer Test Facility (RECTF) for the full scale wind blade testing..

Role in the project

Bladeworks’ role in the BioStruct project is aimed at producing a wind blade using bio-based raw materials. The challenge to be addressed is the design and production with the combined use of natural-based fibers and resins, with the goal of obtaining a recyclable product with a perspective of an eco-sustainable cycle for the future of the wind blade industry. Bladeworks will also try to implement the use of robots during hand-made manufacturing steps trying to enhance the quality of the product by refining accuracy and repeatability.


Via Nuova Marina 20, Napoli 80133, Italy